tim (kumokasumi) wrote in kippen,

Catching up

I have a working microwave again! <3

Current goals:
- Secure a biotech internship for this summer. (This means I will probably not be home this summer. Most biotechs are in Boston or California; there are a couple in Maryland...)
- Study away next fall, probably in Japan. Take a LOA if I need to.
- Next spring? Next summer? Do I want to come back to Olin and maybe do some research? Talk to Ritter and Ben; they have good ideas.
- Pay more attention to Habitat. It needs it and I'm not doing well.

Near future:
- Talk with Ben Hill about what fundraising needs to happen, when.
- Brainstorm a list of biotechs to apply to. Keep a list and visit their websites.
- Spend an hour reading about community fundraising.
- After reading that, schedule a meeting with Meena to talk about what Habitat fundraising has done before, when it's been needed, when it's started. Badger her about the list o' stuff.

- Group theory homework oh god. 3 hours minimum.
- Spend an hour on Japanese, with George if possible.
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