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Time to stop being overwhelmed and start working.

Specific tasks that need to be accomplished soon:

- One-hour art assignment: gender and engineering. (Idea: Pinkify the world, talk about why it's dumb.)
- Finish the social justice reading. Attempt to understand it.

- Build the tube-holder part. This shouldn't be hard.
- Figure out where to put it. Both tubes should be half-compressed at the neutral position and the swing had better not stretch the bellows very far. This needs to be considered and has not been, yet. Figure out what this means.
- Email part to John.

- Figure out how to destroy all monsters, or at least the 8-inch cardboard tube. I think the handsaw is the way to go.
- Find and implement in Simulink: governing equations for the two-wheel case.
-- Determine rotational inertia of a cardboard tube about its ground contact point. Oh, calculus. Pwned by the parallel axis theorem. Duh.

- Snow Ball is when? Shit.
- Pay Genderizine $1, pay SAC $5, pay Habitat $3.50
- Put laundry away

Things to do tonight, in approximate order of priority:
- Social justice reading
- DN part
- Laundry
- Gender assignment

- ICB / sleep (no later than 1:30am.)
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