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Since I'm losing my lists (and mind) lately [19 Apr 2007|04:51pm]

Comp. Lit. paper due 5 PM Sunday (must send in way before then)
Kafka paper due noon Monday
Greek translation tomorrow
Greek quiz tomorrow (fuck)

Get spreadsheet together
Print invoices ahead of time - what a novel concept!
Compile volunteer list
Assign buzzers to rooms
Set schedule and write it up
Figure out playoff system
Check for copies of rules

Prepare all timers
Assemble packets
Get official scoresheets

Deposit checks
Get T(roll) attire together (and thus find wig/hairspray)
Sober up
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[26 Oct 2006|03:35am]

[ mood | angryfrustratedrawr ]

Finish this fucking paper by 5 PM today
Read fucking Lancelot by 5 PM today
Translate fucking Greek by 9 AM tomorrow
Take the fucking Greek take-home quiz by 9 AM tomorrow
Translate fucking Catullus (hey, that one makes logical sense!) by 10 AM tomorrow
Contact fucking media relations at some point today
Update the fucking quizbowl spreadsheet at some point today


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Catching up [16 Oct 2006|10:24am]

I have a working microwave again! <3

Current goals:
- Secure a biotech internship for this summer. (This means I will probably not be home this summer. Most biotechs are in Boston or California; there are a couple in Maryland...)
- Study away next fall, probably in Japan. Take a LOA if I need to.
- Next spring? Next summer? Do I want to come back to Olin and maybe do some research? Talk to Ritter and Ben; they have good ideas.
- Pay more attention to Habitat. It needs it and I'm not doing well.

Near future:
- Talk with Ben Hill about what fundraising needs to happen, when.
- Brainstorm a list of biotechs to apply to. Keep a list and visit their websites.
- Spend an hour reading about community fundraising.
- After reading that, schedule a meeting with Meena to talk about what Habitat fundraising has done before, when it's been needed, when it's started. Badger her about the list o' stuff.

- Group theory homework oh god. 3 hours minimum.
- Spend an hour on Japanese, with George if possible.
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[14 Sep 2006|10:40am]

this weekend:

- resume
- grocery shopping
- sleeping
- laundry
- toast
- make hati less obscene?
- clean & vacuum room

- finish russia and the golden horde
- finish readings in z0mg medievalrussialand book (32-35, 39-43, 44, 46, 50)
- outline paper (due thurs)
- copy notes

- do homework #1
- work on (hopefully finish? but it won't happen) code for single server (z0mg)

- read notes from last ~week of class
- homework. finish it. yay.

- read notes from last ~week of class that i haven't gone to :X
- homework. finish it. yay.

- finish pre-socratics
- euthyphro
- the crito
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la la la what is a final [06 May 2006|05:14pm]

things to do today:
- post pwe outline
- pwe critique bullshit

things to do tomorrow:
- study for calc exam oh fuck
- finish the voder
- laundry (!!)

things to do later:
- study for chem final -- maybe even take the second half on tuesday

things not to do ever:
- run for GO president (at least not this year)

things to do when i don't want to do anything else:
- clean my fucking room oh god

i don't know when i ought to study for things. hmmm. i should start scheduling things.
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Mostly today [14 Apr 2006|04:30pm]

Let's do this mofo.

Prop things:
- Fetch items from bike room:
-- tape measure, bottles, sushi tray, book
- Make pile of letters
- Make instamess
- Fetch items from prop closet:
-- paper wrap, dinner glasses, dinner place settings, keys, whatever's there
- Make Middle-Aged Man's Guide to Coming Out cover
- Make bottles

- email thank you list to tiana

Also, I should figure out how I'm graduating. And how I'm going to Japan. Grr.

Also, schoolwork for next week.
- Physics 10
- Chem problem set
- EDS lab (Thu)
- email Aasted about lab-skipping
- PWE reading
- DDIS reading and writing

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[18 Dec 2005|10:53pm]

Get my lazy ass to work
Get more working clothes
Update resume
Buy gifts for parentals
Buy gifts for people at UVA
Finish buying gifts for people here
Apply for internships
Actually learn Greek this time
Buy textbooks on Amazon
Search for scholarships
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Time to stop being overwhelmed and start working. [06 Dec 2005|05:21pm]

[ mood | fuck ]

Specific tasks that need to be accomplished soon:

- One-hour art assignment: gender and engineering. (Idea: Pinkify the world, talk about why it's dumb.)
- Finish the social justice reading. Attempt to understand it.

- Build the tube-holder part. This shouldn't be hard.
- Figure out where to put it. Both tubes should be half-compressed at the neutral position and the swing had better not stretch the bellows very far. This needs to be considered and has not been, yet. Figure out what this means.
- Email part to John.

- Figure out how to destroy all monsters, or at least the 8-inch cardboard tube. I think the handsaw is the way to go.
- Find and implement in Simulink: governing equations for the two-wheel case.
-- Determine rotational inertia of a cardboard tube about its ground contact point. Oh, calculus. Pwned by the parallel axis theorem. Duh.

- Snow Ball is when? Shit.
- Pay Genderizine $1, pay SAC $5, pay Habitat $3.50
- Put laundry away

Things to do tonight, in approximate order of priority:
- Social justice reading
- DN part
- Laundry
- Gender assignment

- ICB / sleep (no later than 1:30am.)
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[05 Dec 2005|11:51am]

moving on and moving up~


get resume to becky
christmas list
books (a, n, questions?)
wrap for s, get sent
grocery list
clean room
call kivanc re: ultracet
get drugs together
call terri
clean inbox
clean licensed music off of jaws
defrag jaws
repack car
send resume to guy
play reading
terri @ noon

sarah I(a&p)
michaela I(a&p)
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[14 Nov 2005|09:39am]

general planCollapse )
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[16 Sep 2005|10:06am]

- cup
- plane tickets //i've done all i can for now.
- sheets/towels
- vit[ae!]
- caffeine
- tea
- ins. card/etc.
- duck in pburgh -- research && talk to mom
- stop dying
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[12 Sep 2005|12:40pm]

- calc hw #2
- csw quiz // XDD
- laundry
- 33-111 reading questions
- 76-245 reading (henry IV) //some of it done.
- 21-127 quiz
- 33-111 reading questions
- 33-111 hw //not finished, but already turned in
- 76-245 - oh emm jee finish teh play
- 21-127 hw
- 15-211 hw1 (due by midnight-ish friday...?)
- alcoholedu // XDD
- hate grass.
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Political action mode [08 Aug 2005|01:25pm]

To do:
* Call offices of Warner, Allen, Davis; ask what they think about the legislation designed to boost support for African Union troops in Sudan
* Research legislation designed to boost support for AU troops; figure out what they mean. Starting point: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2005/08/05/DI2005080501232.html
-- People do these things for me for a reason. http://www.genocideinterventionfund.org/action/legislation.php
* Pester friends into calling people, too.
* Pester friends into pestering friends to call people. (Rinse, lather, repeat.)
* Write angry post about Sudan. Write several angry posts about Sudan. There's a lot to be angry about.

Anyone else want to play?

We could also play the Mr. Smith And Friends Go To Washington game again and sprinkle letters on the Capitol Hill offices of our good friends. I got a letter back from Warner's office after the whole nuclear option shit went down, and someone had actually read my letter or at least realized I was a high school student and that was kinda cool. So, uh, hey. It's not really high-impact, but then again it's not really high-effort and it's a fun thing to do.

* Post the above somewhere interesting later when I have time
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[22 Jun 2005|10:33pm]

things to do (of course)Collapse )

i feel like i am forgetting some stuff...oh well.
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[15 Jun 2005|06:07pm]

techlab - do the fuckin' project, already; final presentation (mon)
japanese - do lessons 1&2; memorize kan'ji; final (thurs)
comparch - final (fri)
linear algebra
cmu course stuff
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[25 Apr 2005|05:45pm]

- laundry
- jury-rig laptop power cable
- find batteries for calculator
- japanese - kan'ji packet
- japanese - kan'ji flashcards
- japanese - fix 1/2check
- (late) japanese - ch. 8 important points notes
- gov - simon article & questions
- gov - study arse off for the case study quiz
- lit - 2 books, re:goals list (notes?)
- lit - practice ap? //is she going to collect this at any point? whereareyou? //removed because it's not important.
- (late) lit - c22 ext. tp
- piano lesson
- eat food

heh... APs... that's a good one...

- don't get dead
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[15 Apr 2005|12:34pm]

to do...

[due] today: //e-mailing things to teachers is the way to go. c.c
- (late) lit thinking paper
- (late) lit thinking paper
- techlab paper
- techlab poster
- techlab writeup about poster (wtf)
- (late) read gov book and write 5-7pg review

[due] monday:
- 日本語 - 7.8.4 and meaning, + 7.8.[something]
- lit - c22 post #4
- lit - some kind of multigenre /something/ (ha)
- (late) comparch article review re:ethics
- (late) comparch - pg 192 #1-41, excepting 36
- comparch - finish string parsing code
- linalg #23
- gov case file thing //technically due tuesday
- ms scholarship app //need back to mrs. taylor by 20th

p.s. what do we do when we've finished something? <s> it out? actually, i am stupid, and failed to look at older posts before asking stupid questions. ;)

p.p.s. crossing things out as they become irrelevant/too-much-overdue is kosher, right?
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